Smell of Diesel in the Air at Omaha Boat Ramp


Shortly before sunset on Friday I got a text message from Lily that there was a slick on the water and a strong smell of diesel in the air. She was about to row out to her yacht in the channel and noticed the smell and coloured sheen on the water.

With a late incoming tide and SW wind, the diesel was washing along the harbour shoreline. Seagulls in the water near the beach did not appear to be seriously fouled.

Lily phoned the local Harbour Master who came to have a look, and I called the Auckland Harbour Masters office to log the event. Lily rowed to check several boats moored in the area but could not find a source of the spill. Perhaps an automatic bilge pump was responsible?

I tried to photograph the diesel but with failing light it was difficult to get a good shot. Here is the best I could do with my little Go Pro, enhanced somewhat to show the rainbow colours.

Krill Invasion in Whangateau Harbour

Krill Invasion

Krill Invasion

Millions of krill, tiny crustaceans important in the marine food chain, have appeared washed up along the sandy harbour shore north of the Omaha boat ramp and jetty.
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