Matakana Village Development Decisions (Plan Change 64)

Sewerage Works at Jones Road

Sewerage Works at Jones Road

By Elizabeth Foster

We put in a submission (see Sewage Entering Harbour) opposing the pumping of sewage from Matakana to our harbour. The Commissioners acknowledged the issue and declined all submissions which would have resulted in intensification in the village and would have pushed sewage beyond the limit of 2000 people imposed by Watercare.

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Many Thanks Ken and Liz

As the Whangateau Harbourcare Society moves to its new networking site or – a combined blog and Facebook site, it would like to recognize the services of Ken HARCOMBE AND [mum ] Elizabeth for setting up and being webmaster of our original website. Giving time to the site’s construction and maintenance has kept the group in the public gaze and it’s hoped that Ken and Liz continue to post on the new blog.

Many thanks Ken and Liz for yet another generous donation of time, effort and gold – Whangateau Harbourcare