A Peek Into the Future for Point Wells

On Saturday, 11th October three HarbourCare members went down to the seaside of the new subdivision at Point Wells. It was 10am, just before the peak of a spring tide. It was a pleasant spring day with a light Southerly breeze and a slight chop on the water. We were very impressed by the volume of seawater covering the area the Council has designated as Esplanade Reserve”.

Esplanade reserve

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Development at Point Wells

Point Wells 2006

Point Wells 2006

This report documents the reasons for my concerns about the development at Point Wells.

Early in this century the RDC proceeded through a detailed consultation process to develop Point Wells and Omaha Flats resulting in the “Point Wells and Omaha Flats Sustainable Development Plan.” The Point Wells community had approved the final draft of the plan and fully supported it when it was ratified by Council. At the Councillor hearing the owners of 228 Point Wells Road employed Terra Nova Planning (Shane Hartley) to present a plan for development of their site which conformed to the wishes of the community and included a significantly wide reserve with path along the foreshore with appropriate public access. This was fully supported by the Whangateau HarbourCare Group (Inc) in their submission. [Read more…]