Experiencing Marine Reserves (EMR) in the Whangateau Harbour

Experiencing Marine Reserves (EMR) provided free opportunity for 105 people to snorkel for free in the Whangateau Harbour over March.


Participants arrived on the day and register where they were given wetsuits, masks, snorkels, fins and a snorkel guide.


Event organiser Lorna Doogan says “The Whangateau Harbour around Horseshoe Island is my favourite snorkel site in New Zealand. Snorkelling into the mangroves feels like you are swimming through an underwater forest. The huge schools of parore and spotties around the sandstone reef are just breathtaking. Being able to share this with 105 people over two days was just amazing.”








“Very well organised event, I can’t believe it is free” “Fabulous, fabulous!” From an 8 year old participant “Best day ever!” “It was sooooo good I have no words” “Today was awesome and I learnt how to dive” “I had no idea so many fish were here!”

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