Point 10 – Mangrove Control

Mangrove control should be limited to annual removal of seedlings from new areas and adjacent to beaches and utility areas. Existing areas of established mangroves should be retained in their present state.

Reasons: Mangroves, particularly large mature mangroves, serve important ecological functions as a nursery and feeding area for fish, primary producer of organic matter in the harbour food chain, and as substrate and shelter for a wide variety of marine life (high biodiversity value). They also provide erosion protection to shorelines, and act as a sediment trap for some of the silt runoff from poorly managed land catchment. It is recognized that in some areas their spread is becoming a nuisance and that in some areas control may be justified. The best way to do this is to routinely remove seedlings so that the mangroves do not spread further. Chain sawing and poisoning 35-year-old mangroves as has been occurring is not appropriate.
It is intended to develop this plan further for wider public submission, prior to preparation of a more formal document to ARC, RDC and other agencies. If you would like to make comments at this preliminary stage, or want to go on an emailing list for further notices and updates, please email your details to Whangateau HarbourCare 10-point plan to Roger Grace

Wavelets in mangrove seedlings - Roger Grace

The last rays of the setting sun illuminate mangrove seedlings starting their new life in the upper harbour, whilst the final ripples of the ebbing tide lap their stems - Roger Grace

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