10 Point Plan

10 Point Protection Plan for Whangateau Harbour

Early morning view across mirror-calm estuary to Point Wells, from near Big Omaha Wharf - Darryl Torckler

The Whangateau Harbour is recognized as the most unspoiled mainland estuary in the Auckland Region, with abundant shellfish and a wealth of healthy intertidal habitats and estuarine plants. Thanks partly to its small catchment area, and the fact that subdivisions to date have been on flat sandy areas rather than hill slopes with clay soils, impacts from silt and fertilizer runoff have been less than in other estuaries. With the right weather conditions the water in the harbour is a pure, clear snorkeler’s paradise. Water clarity is aided by the filtering action of large numbers of cockles. The Whangateau Harbour is similar to what other estuaries in the Auckland Region must have been like in historical times.The Whangateau HarbourCare Group is committed to keeping this very special harbour in the best condition possible for the well-being of wildlife and marine life and for the enjoyment of present and future generations. This is entirely consistent with Vision Rodney which seeks to avoid degradation of the natural environment.The following key points sum up many of the concerns of the Whangateau HarbourCare Group for the welfare of the Whangateau Harbour. We believe that if these points were actioned, the future high quality of the Whangateau environment would be given its best chance.

1The catchment of Whangateau Harbour should be in the Auckland Council proposed Green Buffer Zone
2No further subdivision should be allowed on the slopes of the Whangateau catchment.
3Care must be taken during pine harvesting in the catchment – allow reversion to native vegetation.
4Protection of estuarine vegetation along the Point Wells side, north and south of the Omaha Causeway.
5Mataitai status or Community Fisheries Plan in the Whangateau Harbour.
6Marine Reserve or Scientific Reserve status for the harbour south of the Omaha Causeway (Waikokopu Creek).
7A no-fishing zone (marine reserve?) around Horseshoe Island.
8 Sewage input to the Jones Road treatment station restricted to that from the Whangateau Catchment.
9Vehicles should be kept off the sand flats.
10Mangrove control should be limited to beaches and utility areas. Existing areas of established mangroves should be retained.

Draft plan for Whangateau Harbour

Draft plan for Whangateau Harbour

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