Contact Us

Convenor:         Margaret Earle –  Ph: 09 422 6205
Co-convenor:    Elise MacDonald – Ph: 09 422 7219
Secretary:         Liz Allen Ph: 09 422 6062
Treasurer:         Elizabeth Foster – Ph: 09 422 6291


Karen Baird –  Ph: 09 422 6868
Terry  Ph: 09 524 9635
Rosmarie  Ph: 09 422 7174
Margaret Levesque  Ph: 09 422 9717
Doreen  Ph: 09 422 7974
Roger  Ph: 021 126 5292
Bree Sandall –
Len Thompson –

Membership: We encourage membership from residents around the harbour, visitors and harbour friends from around the country. Enquiries to the Treasurer. Annual sub – $10 single, $20 family.

HarbourCare Office

The Whangateau HarbourCare Group has an Office established in the old Meiklejohn house in Lew’s Bay, Whangateau. The space is being shared by the property owner’s small shop selling produce from the farm.

HarbourCare Office

HarbourCare Office

Opening hours for the Office are the same as the shop –
12am to 4.00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
(Closed Monday and Thursday)
The Office is equipped with a desk and shelves of books and articles which can be read on site or borrowed. If required a phone is available and an Internet connection by arrangement (NO downloading of large amounts of data!) There are facilities for making tea or coffee and a toilet for the desperate!
Pictures from the Photo Exhibition are on display and can be ordered from the Office – $250.00 each.
For any enquiries please ring (09) 422 6291.
Come and have a look around


  1. Jo Richards says:

    Looks very interesting We need to try to get more members

  2. Basil Denee says:

    What is the process for joining? Is there any petition underway to stop sewage being pumped from Matakana to the Jones Rd treatment facility?

    (Leigh ratepayer)

    • Basil, to join just ring me (422 6291 or 027 428 8931) or drop into the Office and join there.
      We have been fighting the sewage since the beginning. A submission is being made to the Matakana Plan.

  3. Great page, so good to see someone is looking after our beautiful harbour. Nice job keep up the good work

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