Point 1 – Catchment

The whole catchment of Whangateau should be in the Auckland Council proposed Green Buffer Zone, not part of the Mixed Rural Activity belt.
Trevally school - Roger Grace

A school of small trevally races around in the harbour channel behind Horseshoe Island. This area appears to be a nursery for several fish species in the Whangateau Harbour - Roger Grace

Reasons: Whangateau is clearly the only mainland estuary in the Auckland Region which still possesses a high degree of environmental integrity. The waters are often remarkably clear; there are large beds of shellfish, very healthy saltmarsh and sea grass habitats and firm sand flats. In combination these are indicators of high environmental values missing from most other mainland estuaries in the Auckland Region. Only the proposed Green Buffer status would potentially ensure maintenance of the current high environmental values of the estuary. The potential for additional subdivision, even into lifestyle blocks, allowed for in the Mixed Rural Activity Belt, would be deleterious to the future quality of the harbour waters and its marine life. Measures to minimize sediment and nutrient runoff into streams and the estuary should be diligently encouraged (e.g. riparian planting).

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