Point 7 – Horseshoe Island

A no-fishing zone (marine reserve?) should be established around Horseshoe Island and the channel and sandstone reefs towards Point Wells.

Mangrove forest - Roger Grace

Mangroves live in sheltered northern harbours where they are routinely inundated by the tide. The aerial roots, or pneumatophores, provide vital access to aerated water as its anchor roots go below the mud surface into a black anaerobic layer inhospitable to life - Roger Grace

Reasons: This area is becoming a very popular snorkelling zone with high educational value. Such areas are rare in Auckland estuaries. Flounder used to be present in huge numbers here (Ina Shaw, personal communication) in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Allowing flounder and other fish numbers to build up here would enhance this area dramatically and provide a unique opportunity in the Auckland Region for snorkelers to enjoy and learn important ecological lessons about estuaries, mangroves, and their values to marine life. This area, and another similar reef in the southern arm of the harbour, is the main nursery area for parore inhabiting the coast from Pakiri to Takatu (Mark Morrison, NIWA).
Proposed no fishing zone

Proposed no fishing zone

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