Whangateau HarbourCare Planting Day


Beginning a new planting process the Whangateau HarbourCare Group gathered 10 able-bodied planters and 3 not so able supporters to complete this season’s planting.  The area shown is on Esplanade Reserve beside a small tributary of the Tamahunga stream flowing into the Omaha River and to the Whangateau harbour.  The site is just below the new brewery on Leigh Road and represents the first step in protecting the stream from erosion and silt discharge into the harbour.

The planting day was supported by stalwarts from the HarbourCare Committee, a quartet of local residents and a very welcome group from Sandspit.  The plants were supplied by Auckland Council, the HarbourCare Group and Roger Grace.

Special tanks to Kirsty and Mike from the brewery for their cooperation allowing us to use their car park and land to access the site.  Thanks also to Len for doing more than his share of the hard work collecting and distributing the plants and thanks to Roger for providing plants from his special planting trial which could radically change the way stream sides are protected.  Thanks to Mark and Bree  for spraying the area and collecting plants and to Elise and Len for doing the initial weed clearing.

Protection of these stream sides here and further down is essential to control the excessive discharge of silt to the harbour which occurs after heavy rain.  Next year it is proposed to complete the adjacent tributary planting which will not only control runoff but will also enhance the view for kayakers on the stream.

Elizabeth Foster

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