Cockle count in Whangateau Harbour

Students from Mahurangi College count cockles in the annual cockle count at Lew’s Bay

On Thursday October 19 a group of students from Mahurangi College joined with volunteers to conduct the annual Whangateau Harbour Care cockle count. When the data is analysed it will be interesting to see if the cockle beds are recovering or not. The shellfish beds have been closed since 2009 when there was a large die off of cockles.

Planting day at Quintal’s Creek

Pictured: Harbour Care Secretary Liz Allen and Co-Convener, Elise Macdonald at the site

Over the weekend of October 14 and 15 volunteers planted around 1500 trees, grasses and ferns at the Quintal’s Creek site (Near the Sawmill Brewery). Plants were provided by the Gecko NZ Trust who came and helped with the planting as did staff and students from the Leigh Marine Laboratory and Whangateau Harbour Care Group members and interested locals.

Harbour Care Group seeks information on future of Ti Point forest site

Ti Point forest 5

The Harbour Care Group has been in touch with Panuku Auckland Development to try and find out what the future plans are for this site and whether it is to be sold or kept as an Auckland Council asset. Also, if there are plans for remediation of the site and what steps are being undertaken to ensure erosion does not occur adding to the already significant sedimentation load entering the harbour each time there is heavy rain.

Birdlife in Whangateau Harbour

Newsletter 1/6 October 2017

Newsletter 6, October 2017

Whangateau features in tipping points survey

NSC tipping points sampling_Whangateau